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Puppies Sired by Armani

Thank you so much for the beautiful baby dog! You are a fantastic breeder!


James Bartron, Oregon


Smokey Quartz



Brandon, Kaylin, & Kevin


Bandit & Dexter

Bandit and dexter 1.jpg
Bandit and dexter 3.jpg

Taylor Anderton Wrenn, Oregon


Minnie 4.jpg
Minnie 3.jpg

Hillside Frenchies is a great breeder. Lea does an amazing job of caring for her puppies and setting them up for success with their new owners by building the foundation of potty training, teaching them appropriate behavior, and most of all, giving them lots of love and attention. Our puppy transitioned perfectly! He is so cute, easygoing, friendly, playful, and loves to cuddle. We couldn’t be happier with the puppy we chose from Hillside Frenchies

Sarah McCulloch, Texas



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Shadow 1.jpg

Kevin & Kylie Thompson, California



Janina Summit, Oregon

Lea was not only helpful with all my questions but also delivered my baby boy! We cannot thank her enough for our bundle of joy & how much love she put into him before we got him!


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Beefy 2.jpg
Beefy 4.jpg
Beefy 1.jpg

Heather Deveney, Oregon



Tammy Prosser, Oregon

I had the pleasure of meeting Lea and her beautiful pack of Frenchies the other day. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Lea and all of her well-mannered pack. She is a breeder who is doing everything right. 😊 Her house and kennels are SPOTLESS, and it's obvious that raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted little puppies is her top priority. She also focuses on the health of her pups by genetically testing the parents of her litters, in hopes of avoiding some of the problems inherent in the breed.

She gives all of her puppies a great start in life, by providing a wonderful foundation of love and training. They are trained to a doggie door as soon as they can toddle up a ramp, and are taught the basics of doggie 'manners' from day one. She provides not only love, but the STRUCTURE and ROUTINE needed to enable them to thrive in their new homes. She also acts as a resource to anyone taking home one of her puppies, by offering a lifetime of support and guidance.

Most importantly, Lea considers each one a member of her familiy, and keeping their best interests at heart is a priority when sending them to their new forever homes. ❤️

If you're looking to add a little Frenchie to your family (I'll be taking mine home soon!), I'd definitely recommend contacting Lea at Hillside Frenchies. 😊



Kari Hodge Engdahl, Oregon




A little background on us: my husband and I have always wanted a frenchie. Our particular situation was a bit unique in that I had never owned a pet while my husband always grew up around animals. Needless to say I was very hesitant and scared despite my desire to get our first dog. Lea was completely amazing from our first contact with her. We were looking for a older dog that we can take on our walk, hikes, and explorations. Lea had the perfect option and introduced us to May ( a 1 yr old frenchie that no longer fit her program). Lea was so patient with us from the beginning. She walked me through moments of uncertainty, nervousness, and fears. She truly cares about her dogs and potential buyers. She was never pushy but very caring, knowledgeable, and open. Her motive and desire through the whole process was to make us feel comfortable and ensure May was the right fit for us and us for May. I cannot say enough great things about her. She truly is a special, caring individual who's love for what she does and the puppies she cares for is very obvious. May, our 1.5 year old dog is completely amazing! She is exactly as Lea described and much more! She is so patient, kind, loving and as Lea mentioned humble. She is extremely well trained and we couldn't be happier with our decision. I would recommend Lea over and over after our experience with her and May I can guarantee that if we are ever looking for a second puppy she is who we will be contacting . If you are even contemplating getting a frenchie contact her! She is a bundle of knowledge and is great at sharing that information with you

Mara Magherescu, Oregon



Puppies Sired by Sammy

We have now purchased our second Frenchie from Hillside Frenchies. Lea has been great to work with and is very honest! Here home is very clean and inviting. We absolutely love our two Frenchies. They have the best personalities. I would highly recommend Hillside Frenchies.

Jessica Davis Jones, Oregon

Saint & Louis


Lea was awesome to work with in getting our boy. She is incredibly informative and the pupdate pics were great while waiting for him to grow. He has been home with us for about 24hrs and is already letting us know when he has to go out to potty! Lea did fantastic with creating a beautiful, healthy, well adjusted little babe who is just perfect for our family.

Johannah Williams, Oregon




Highly recommend getting a Frenchie from Leah. I got a little pied stud from her. He is 7 months now. He gets along with both my kiddos, and other doggies. I can tell he was socialized well before getting him. So basically great temperament. He doesn’t have any allergies but we feed good food and bottled water. The vet says he’s healthy. Leah was very nice when we picked up the doggie and even met the kids. She had all the AKC paperwork ready and everything went well. I feel like if I needed to I could ask her questions about French bulldogs.

Jana Barroga, Oregon




I cannot begin to express how happy we are with Lea and Hillside Frenchies! Not only did we end up with the most beautiful, sweet, and loveable Frenchie but we also felt at home with Lea and all the Frenchies we met upon our arrival. From the moment we arrived, Lea made us feel like family. She took the time to walk us through tips and tricks as well as best practices, while keeping an open mind that everyone’s journey with their pup is unique to them. It’s very obvious that she has infinite love for each and every pup. Our little Archie is so well behaved and honestly, every Frenchie there was well behaved and a dream to play with. From the process of messaging Lea to learn more about Archie, to driving away with him in our lap, the process was so personable and professional and we could not be any happier. Lea helped us create our family and that can never be repaid. If we decide to add another member to the family, we will absolutely return to her and Hillside Frenchies!!

Kaytlin Huegli, Oregon



Lea is truly passionate about her dogs. She commits herself 100% to the safety of her puppies, their surroundings and most important to us, her individual attention to each and every puppy along with her devoted early training techniques that has helped not only us but our puppy Loki, into an easy transition as we brought him home. Lea does everything she possibly can to set up her puppies and their future home for success. Each dog is handled for as if it was her very own. We both are so grateful for her for giving us a much needed new family member. Her wisdom and insight have at multiple times surpassed all the information we could find on the internet. She truly is wonderful.

Thank you Lea “Hillside Frenchie’s”.

The Neros Family

Valerie & Billy Neros, Oregon




There was this girl that had a dream of becoming a small time breeder of quality healthy French Bulldogs. I started following her last year when she breed her prize male Armani. While raising these pups she experienced a tragic loss in her family and because of her dedication to these pups she was unable to be with her family to grieve his loss. I had the upmost repect for her.

So this year she breed her 2 beautiful females Khaleesi & Cheyenne with Mr. Sam. I watched as she nurtured and pampered these Mama's during their pregnancy. Taking the best of care of them. Then when it was time for the dogs to give birth via C Section Lea had to stand by and await these puppies arrival. Being 1 week apart and due to covid she wasn't able to attend the procedures. They were finally here as she put herself aside to cater to their every need. Sleepless nights monitoring making sure everyone was eating and being taken care of properly. I watched every video of these little guys changing. I thought I'd really love 1 but they of course were all reserved and my husband was at a hard no.

Then 1 day there he was the most beautiful little boy with bright blue eyes. His buyer had backed out and he was available. I felt so in love as soon as I saw him. I commented to Lea how 1 could inquire about this little boy (thinking she probably had a waiting list) and she massaged me right away. She thought our family would be wonderful for him and we were just what she was looking for. When my husband came home we looked at the photos and talked and discussed until we came to the agreement to bring him into our family. So our 15 year anniversary gift to our family arrived Sir Ryker Richison

Kristina Richison, Oregon



Heading 1Lea does a great job with all of her pups. You can tell that she has treated them like part of her family from day 1 and that makes all the difference when they become part of yours. If you’re looking for a responsible breeder, she’s a great pick. I would recommend her highly. Great communication from the get go, and we have a happy and healthy new furry family member!

Faith Critzer, Washington




Our experience with Lea and Hillside Frenchies has been above and beyond our expectations! Lea not only puts so much effort into the health and well being of all her animals but she makes the transition to their new homes seamless and comfortable. We truly feel blessed with the best breeder around.

Jennifer Richardson, Oregon




Trina, Oregon

GiGi & Louis


She did a outstanding job. Puppy was well taken care of. Advanced. Great breeder

Dustin Russell, Oregon




Carmen Cordoba, Washington



Sara Leoni Cutright, Oregon




Dotson Family, Oregon

Lea of Hillside Frenchies is absolutely outstanding! Her program is second to none and I am happy to recommend her puppies to anyone! Her babies are raised with lots of love, individual attention, devotion and right inside her home. Lea was kind enough to allow me to visit my Ellie on a weekly basis which I'm sure helped my puppy in transitioning from her frenchie family into our family. Lea's frenchie family always happily greeted me at the front door, were very well behaved and her home and kennel area is immaculate. For those who are not local, Lea will send you weekly, if not daily, photos and updates of your reserved puppy while it's growing. Lea answered all of my questions and has left an open communication line available any time I have needed. My Ellie was well socialized, healthy and ready to take on the world! Hillside Frenchies is a top notch breeder! Thank you from the Dotson family!





Linda & Joe, Oregon


Keri Cranford, Oregon




Nick Schuler, Oregon


James Bartron, Oregon

Repeat Client




Cyndi Merriweather, California 

Willard khaleesi.jpg


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